Caribbean actor exposes prejudice and politics in new book

He’s lived a life on the small screen, playing ‘Mr. Benjamin’ in the popular Caribbean television series ‘Paradise View.’ Now, actor Dr. Alvin G. Edwards is focusing on more serious issues in his beloved country, as Brendon Kline reports in The Bahamas Weekly.
His new book, Once in an Island, is a fictionalized account of events experienced by friends, family and others living in this sun drenched island. The story is built around a family who leaves Jamaica in search of a new beginning on another island, but quickly discovers the transition isn’t as simple as they thought.
“I’ve always been sensitive to the struggle of Caribbean people throughout their history,” says Edwards.
Edwards hopes Once in an Island – a fictional story of intrigue, love and determination – will help bring tolerance and understanding. “I’ve had a burning desire to see that the disaffected’s stories are told,” Edwards says. “I wanted to give people a chance to see themselves and Caribbean people in a realistic, revealing and self-reflecting light.”
Edwards also created a film version of Once in an Island which was released in 2009 .
Dr. Alvin G. Edwards is a medical doctor specializing in ophthalmology. He lives in Antigua, where he has been practicing medicine for more than 25 years. Dr. Edwards is the chairman of the first Romantic Rhythms International Music Festival in Antigua. He attended the University of the West Indies. Dr. Edwards is a formally trained actor and has written a number of plays.

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