New Book: Ernest Pépin’s “La Darse Rouge”

Ernest Pépin’s has just published his first detective fiction piece, La Darse Rouge, under Caraïbéditions «Polar» Collection.

Description (by Florent Charbonnier, Editor): In his first novel, Ernest Pépin offers us, with a Caribbean flavor, all the ingredients of the genre—a crime, a motive, investigations, suspects and convicts—in a Guadeloupe very far from the clichés;  written in a more liberated manner and with a punchy style. More than a new novel, more than a new writing style, it is a Caribbean detective story that the author wishes to initiate as a parallel to the Scandinavian and the (U.S) American detective novel.

Ernest Pépin was born in Lamentin, Guadeloupe. He is one of the major writers of the West Indies and the Caribbean. His writing is rooted in Creole oral tradition and the realities of his country. His other works include L’Homme au bâton (1992), Cantique des tourterelles (2004), Le Tango de la haine (1999), L’envers du décor (2006), and Toxic Island (2010).

For a full biography (in French), see

For full article (in French), see

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