Bahamian Director, Winner of Trinidad+Tobago Film Festival (TTFF) Award, Donates Prize to Another TTFF Finalist

Maria Govan, a Bahamian screenwriter and director, won the first-ever Focus: Filmmakers’ Immersion and pitch competition, presented by the Trinidad+Tobago Film Festival (TTFF) in association with RBC Royal Bank, the Festival’s leading sponsor. Govan edged out five other filmmakers with her pitch for a film she intends to make called Epiphany. Her efforts won her a cash prize of $5,000 and an all-expenses paid trip to the Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF). As she is from The Bahamas, Govan decided to pass on the trip to another Focus participant and finalist, Kevin Adams of Trinidad and Tobago, the Bahamas Weekly reports.
“Focus was an incredible experience,” said Govan. “It was extremely helpful to articulate my vision for Epiphany. Then to receive affirmation for the film I want to create was really inspiring! Thanks to RBC Royal Bank for offering such a meaningful cash prize, I will be able to spend time focused on writing the next draft of my script. I’m also pleased that I was able to award the trip to The Bahamas to Mr. Adams and give him the opportunity to experience the wonderful filmmaking community here.”
Adams is visiting The Bahamas from November 29 through December 5.  “I am very grateful to Ms. Govan for sharing her gift with me,” said Adams. “I feel very honoured to be selected as a finalist in the Focus Filmmakers’ programme. I have to commend RBC for supporting these wonderful programmes for emerging filmmakers throughout the Caribbean and globally.  My experience with BIFF and visiting The Bahamas has been excellent thus far and I look forward to just embracing all that this festival has to offer.”
Focus: Filmmakers’ Immersion was a workshop conceived to help emerging Caribbean filmmakers enhance their creative voice. Focus took place over three days at the beginning of TTFF, which ran from September 21 to October 4, 2011. Programme participants pitched their respective film projects to a panel comprised of film-industry experts. Govan emerged the winner with her project, Epiphany, the story of a young Greek-Bahamian woman who is at odds with her close-knit, conservative community.
RBC Royal Bank, a sponsor of TIFF’s Focus programme, is also the sponsor of First Look, BIFF’s programme for emerging Bahamian filmmakers. “RBC has a broad interest in supporting emerging artists,” said Nathaniel Beneby, Jr., RBC Market Head, The Bahamas, Cayman and Turks & Caicos. “We believe artists are important to creating vibrant communities. By supporting filmmakers who are just entering this field, we are ensuring we have new talent to fuel this growing industry.”
Refer to BIFF’s website, for the list of films being featured during the Festival, including those being screened as part of the 2011 First Look programme.

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