Guyana: jungle tourism and Jonestown

In 1978, American cult leader Jim Jones presided over the deaths of more than 900 followers of the People’s Temple, based in Jonestown, Guyana. CBC radio has a series of reports on the story. Follow the links below to listen to the radio broadcasts

The dead were most killed with cyanide, which some willingly took after poisoning their children with it first.

Today, the government’s being asked to declare it a tourist attraction despite its grisly history, recalled in this excerpt from a story filed back in the day by Bronwyn Drainie with the CBC Radio program, Sunday Morning.

Hear the excerpt here

Listen to more of Sunday Morning’s Jonestown coverage from 1978.

In the 33 years since that report, the jungle’s grown back and the Jonestown buildings have been looted, burnt and shunned by superstitious locals. But one man who witnessed the massacre’s grim aftermath believes it should be a tourist attraction.

Dispatches contributor Sarah Grainger is hacking through the bush to see what once was, and what some want it to become.

Sarah’s dispatch

For the original report go to

One thought on “Guyana: jungle tourism and Jonestown

  1. “Jungle Tourism” is the header? 900 black people dead on the word of a white man? C’mon now, this should become an academic primary source node, where student throughout the region can come and participate in discussions about colonial mentality, the nihilism of Self Hate and as for the bucks? make that by selling Dr Walter Rodney book, born in Guyana (and betrayed by her). Knowledge, Education and finger licking gross entertainment! That’s Edutainment

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