Upcoming Caribbean Conferences: December Update

Our thanks to Peter Jordens for compiling this update on upcoming conferences for our readers. The abbreviated list is below. To download the full list, which covers the period ending in August 1212 and contains additional information about the conferences listed click here: Caribbean conferences December 2011 Update

November 30 – December 2, 2011.  Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe

“Forum DFA”: Conference on regional integration of the French Departments in the Americas

Contact katy.borie@azulamericas.com

November 30 – December 2, 2011.  New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

35th Annual Conference on the Caribbean & Central America

Website http://www.c-caa.org

December 1-2, 2011.  Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

21st Annual Caribbean Actuarial Association (CAA) Conference: “Tailoring Actuarial Practice to Caribbean Reality”

Website http://www.caa.com.bb/caa_conferences.html

December 5-9, 2011.  Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

6th Caribbean Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management: “CDM – Reflection, Introspection, Moving Forward”

Website http://www.cdema.org/cdmconference

December 8-9, 2011.  La Habana, Cuba

5th International Conference “Whither Caribbean Integration?”

Contact milagros50@rect.uh.cueverleny@uh.cucarmita@rect.uh.cu, or tanialuis@cubarte.cult.cu

 January 13-15, 2012.  Montego Bay, Jamaica

International Conference: “Dying to be Beautiful? Body Image, Eating Behaviours and Health in the Caribbean”

Weblog http://myspot.mona.uwi.edu/socsci/announcements/call-papers-psychology-international-conference

January 18-21, 2012.  St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago

2nd International Tourism Conference: “Tourism, Culture and the Creative Industries: Exploring the Linkages”

Website http://sta.uwi.edu/conferences/12/tourism/index.asp

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