Photography Exhibition: Popopstudios Presents “Deception”

Popopstudios presents its second annual fine art photographic exhibition—“Deception”—from December 8, 2011, until January 7, 2012. Several of the photographers will be available for a gallery talk, free and open to the public, on Wednesday, December 14 at 4:00pm in the Popopstudios Gallery. The Popopstudios International Center for the Visual Arts Gallery is located at 26 Dunmore Avenue, Chippingham in Nassau, Bahamas.

The exhibition showcases the works of seventeen visual artists from The Bahamas, each expressing their personal interpretations of the theme “Deception.” Artists include John Cox, Jason Bennett, Dede Brown, Steffon Grant, Kendal Hanna, Sabrina Lightbourn, Phoebe Luk, Jeff Major, Kishan Munroe, Holly Parotti, Heino Schmid, Alistair Stevenson, Lyndah Wells, and Lisa Wells.

Holly Bynoe (ARC Magazine) writes:

All of the photographs, encompassing an array of imaging techniques and visual styles, were taken within the last twelve months and have never been exhibited before. Each image in the exhibition displays the artist’s own unique style. John Cox, the founder and driving force behind Popostudios, is an established visual artist whose drawings, mixed media pieces and outsized paintings have been featured in numerous exhibitions. John’s images show his ability to move seamlessly between painting and photography. Lyndah Wells’ graphic portraits depict the stereotypical deceptions we are subjected to when viewing images of women. Ash Henderson’s photography shows familiar views of our world through an engaging and undiluted perspective. In contrast, Jackson Petit explores the concept of masking oneself. Heino Schmid’s images recontextualize the usual, revealing the subject matter as something unusual. Duke Wells, meanwhile, has focused on an intense and graphic interpretation of the show’s theme. His work gives the viewer a dynamic display of color and form which is usually only seen in other mediums.

For more information, you may contact Duke Wells at Popopstudios by telephone at (242) 322-7834, via email at or visit

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