International Business Times best photos of the year

IBT’s selection of the best photos of 2011 includes three taken in Haiti. Here they are with their captions. For the complete selection of photographs follow the link below.

Orich Florestal (L), 24, and Rosemond Altidon, 22, stand on the edge of their partially destroyed apartment of Port-au-Prince, Jan. 9, 2011. This week, Haiti will mark the first anniversary of the earthquake that killed around 250,000 people and wrecked much of the capital Port-au-Prince on Jan.12, 2010.

A boy cries after breathing in tear gas thrown by national policemen in a provisional camp for earthquake victims during clashes with demonstrators in downtown Port-au-Prince, Feb. 7, 2011. Around 200 protesters demanding that Haiti’s outgoing President Rene Preval leave office immediately, set up burning barricades on Monday and threw stones at the police and U.N. peacekeepers in the capital Port-au-Prince, witnesses said.

Soccer players from Haiti’s Zaryen team (in blue) and the national amputee team fight for the ball during a friendly match at the national stadium in Port-au-Prince, Jan. 10, 2011. Sprinting on their crutches at breakneck speed, the young soccer players, who lost their legs in Haiti’s earthquake last year, project a symbol of hope and resilience in a land where so much is broken.

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One thought on “International Business Times best photos of the year

  1. Dear International Business Times : Are you sponsoring any effective charitable campaign for the poor in Haiti? Why then are you taking advantage through the image producing industry, so called PHOTOJOURNALISM, to make money out of the Hatian disgrace. Perhaps you think that I am naive since all you are doing is foollowing the long time traditional journalistic privilige and opportunistic “first to get there shoot the picture” established by LIFE and the canon of North-American photographers. Or it is because everybody is doing it? YOUR IMAGES PRODUCE MONEY AND LONG MEMORY EFFECT ON THE VIEWERS ALL OVER THE WORLD. SHARE THOSE BENEFITS AND PROFITS WITH THE VICTIMS IN AN EQUITABLY AND PROPORTIONALLY. GOOD WORK IN TERMS OF THE ARTISTIC WORK, BUT IT COULD BE MUCH, MUCH BETTER. COLINAZO

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