Hey, watch where you’re going! Brave (or crazy) snorkeler plays chicken with a sperm whale in the Caribbean

If you’re planning to go head-to-head with a sea creature, it’s probably best to start small, counsels London’s Daily Mail in this brief report featuring some awesome photographs of a diver’s encounter with a whale off the shores of Dominica.

Only the very brave, or very stupid, would begin a headbutting competition with a 50-ton sperm whale… after all, its head is one third of its overall size.

Nevertheless, here are pictures of a snorkeller doing just that – swimming with his head down right up to a massive whale.

The amazing pictures were taken off the coast of Dominica in the Caribbean.

Of course, you can’t make a 60ft animal do anything against its will, so it’s up to the whales to decide if they are in the mood to play. But, when they are feeling sociable, the results lead to amazing pictures like these.

Dominica has become known as the whale-watching capital of the Caribbean. Sperm whales can be seen year-round and – because the ocean floors drops to thousands of feet deep just off the coast – the whales are within easy reach of humans.

For more go to http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2066281/Hey-watch-youre-going-Brave-crazy-snorkller-plays-chicken-sperm-whale-Caribbean.html#ixzz1elLsrpS7

One thought on “Hey, watch where you’re going! Brave (or crazy) snorkeler plays chicken with a sperm whale in the Caribbean

  1. The pictures and the informatrion although brief is amazing, although a little bit alarming. Those men doing the approach to the whales seemed to be trained to do that kind of demonstration (because somebody was taking the pictutres) and what it seems to be missing is a warning sign that reads : BEWARE DO NOT TRY THIS UNLESS TRAINED! We do not know the nature of the animal. There are animals, regardless of their massiveness, whose disposition around other species i.e. humans is very gentle and friendly, as naive as this comment might sound, knowing the history of the manatees,etc. I wish I could be train to do that! it would be an amazing experience. Beyond that with the Dolphins. PERUCHO (Pedro Perez-Ortiz)

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