New Book: “Afrocubanas”

Afrocubanas: Historia, pensamiento y prácticas culturales [Afrocubanas: History, Thought, and Cultural Practices] (Havana: Ciencias Sociales, 2011) is a new collection of multidisciplinary essays edited by Daisy Rubiera Castillo and Inés María Martiatu Terry.

Description: Distancing itself from typical academic discourse, the writing in these critical essays explores the complex issues of gender and race. Starting with the introductory text, the essays break with clichés about black women, which are usually reproduced played by society in everyday life, in popular artistic production (for instance, in certain songs that promote stereotypes), in mass media, and other opinion-creating vehicles. The book subverts models rooted in various areas of inquiry, through the lenses of many different approaches, generations, and trends, bringing to light another point of view about black women, their action, thought, and history of resistance, as well as their pivotal influence in the consolidation of national identity.

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4 thoughts on “New Book: “Afrocubanas”

    1. De nada y por supuesto, nosotros haremos lo mismo. ¡Me encanta “Negra cubana tenía que ser”! Creo que no es la primera vez que hacemos eco.
      Saludos cordiales,

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