Art Exhibition: Sharon Wilson’s “Just Pastels”

Veteran artist Sharon Wilson has exhibited work by her and students in her art group Just Pastels, for 11 years. This year marks their final showcase, also entitled Just Pastels, which opened earlier this month at the Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard and runs until November 30, 2011. Artists include Sharon Wilson, Vanessa Turner, Sharon Nannini, Chikako Hoshina, Mary-Ellen Smiley, Meredith Johnson, and Frank Dublin.

Wilson explains, “My personal goal as an art teacher is to find students who are serious about learning. The Just Pastels [art class] has been together for 11 years, but this is likely to be the last year that you will see us exhibit together under this name. We are not going away, but rather we will be seeking to refine and define who we are, which means that you will likely see us popping up in different spots with our newly refined brand.

“Life is about growth and change, and I am committed to bringing to the Bermuda public, art to uplift the human spirit and to celebrate the best of Bermuda and her people. I want to thank the people of Bermuda for their support, and for their encouragement.”

[Shown above, “Pleased to Be Who She Is” by Monica Jones.]

For more information telephone 234-2809 or visit

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