Mr. Motivator to Cycle across Jamaica

Jamaican-born celebrity Derrick Evans, best known as Mr. Motivator, will lead participants in the Marie Curie Cancer Care’s Jamaican Cycle Challenge to ride from Kingston to Negril, Jamaica in 2012, the year that marks Jamaica’s 50th year of independence. Marie Curie Cancer Care’s Jamaican Cycle Challenge is taking place from September 13-20, 2012.

Cycling across Jamaica may seem like a bit of a challenge, even for the most ambitious bikers. From one end of the beautiful island to the other is 236 miles, and to ride across it by bicycle will take five days. It is a huge feat. But anyone wishing to participate in the challenge next year should be encouraged by the fact that Mr. Motivator will be on hand (well, on bike) for support. Spearheading the Marie Curie Cancer Care’s Jamaican Cycle Challenge, Mr. Motivator is helping to raise money for the charity with a week-long bike ride.

Having found fame in the 1990s as the TV fitness guru on British breakfast show GMTV, the 58-year-old Jamaican, born Derrick Evans is proving that fitness is still a huge part of his life as he prepares to undertake this cycling feat. Taking place during the summer of 2012 – the year that will mark Jamaica’s 50th year of independence – the annual event will see participants cycling from the Jamaican capital of Kingston in the west of the island, through to Negril on the eastern side.
The event aims to raise funds to provide cancer sufferers with nurses and care in their own homes, and also to provide additional services in the charity’s hospices.

[. . .] In order to take part in the excursion, budding participants must raise £350 in donations and pay a £250 registration fee. [. . .] Mr Motivator says the event is for anyone who wishes to see Jamaica, have fun and donate to a worthy charity. In fact, he says participants don’t even have to know how to ride a bike. “It’s not a race, it’s a cycle ride. So if you’ve never ridden before we can teach you how to ride. It’s about completing the challenge. It’s a celebration of what people are able to achieve. It’s a good challenge and we do it with the sun on our backs!”

[. . .] After nearly 10 years as GMTV’s exercise master, Mr. Motivator quit the show in 2000 and moved with his family back to his country of birth. “Jamaica is a wonderful place. I’ve travelled all of the Caribbean and to me, Jamaica is the most wonderful. I was born there and had a strong desire to get back. I felt that the only way to remain Jamaican was to go back there.” Residing in the serene hills of St. Ann, Jamaica, the motivational guru has founded H’Evans Scent, a health and adventure retreat, where he employs 22 people. “Our quality of life is great. I think it’s important not to set yourself up in an ivory tower. We employ local people; not one person had to fill out an application form. We spend a lot of time giving young local guys hope.”

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