Haiti Art Expo 2011 in Miami this December 1st

Concurrent with the prestigious Art Basel Miami Beach, Design Miami/and Art Fairs Weekend, Haiti Art Expo 2011 will take place December 1st-4th on the second level of the Moore Building; a superb exhibition space in the heart of the uber-chic Miami Design District.

The expo displays a one-of-a-kind collection of Haitian fine arts comprised of a variety of media, art crafts and photography, curated by Michele Frisch and Galerie Marassa.

In addition to the day-time expo, for three nights the Haiti Art Expo will play host to events produced by noteworthy charitable organizations benefiting Haiti, including, Haiti Empowerment Mission, Hand in Hand for Haiti and Hard Hats for Haiti.

The second edition of Haiti Art Expo is a pledge from Miami’s cultural community to make a positive impact in the lives of the Haitian people. Michele Frisch and Galerie Marassa present an exhibition like no other, at which sales of works by renowned Haitian artists will benefit three important non-profit organizations that are currently working in Haiti.

Haiti Art Expo 2011 aims to demonstrate the visionary power of Haitian visual art that has continued to command international attention. The exhibition features top works from the contemporary art master, Philippe Dodard and from Louisiane St. Fleurent, Levoy Exil, Payas, Alix Roy, Ronald Mevs, Luckner Candio and Manuel Mathieu.

Upholding Haiti’s unique tradition of inspirational, Creole-themed contemporary art, these works are certain to heighten the senses through an exotic use of Caribbean colors, shapes and forms. American artists have also donated to the cause; including Pop Artist Romero Britto, Sky Farrell, Leonardo Hidalgo and Peter T. Tunney.

Welcoming Honorary Guests- Haiti Minister of Tourism, Stephanie Balmir Villedrouin and Haiti Secretary of State, Elsa Baussan Noel of the President Michel Martelly Administration. Author Alison Thompson will be signing copies of her newly released book, “The Third Wave – A Volunteer Story” where proceeds will benefit the non-profit organization We Advance. In addition, Hollywood Screen Writer and Director Paul Haggis’ non-profit Artist For Peace and Justice (APJ), will display their exclusive ring by Vhernier to benefit St. Luc Schools and the Academy for Peace and Justicediscoveringhaiti.com/empowerment

Haiti Art Expo 2011 is produced by Michael Capponi and Jeff Feldman and is sponsored by Miami Magazine, Marquis Vodka, Ludus Athletics, Capponi Construction Group, Onboard Media, Starboard Cruise Services, Hand in Hand for Haiti, Sustainatopia, Hard Hats for Haiti, Prestige beer and Galerie Marassa.

Haiti Art Expo 2010 was, according to Capponi Group, a huge success, attracting over 5,000 guests and VIPS including Venus Williams, Haitian Boxer Andre Berto, Music Mogul Russell Simmons, Haitian-American Author Edwidge Danticat, Music Artists Wyclef Jean and Artist G Love.

For the original report go to http://defend.ht/entertainment/articles/art/2027-haiti-art-expo-2011-in-miami-this-december-1st

One thought on “Haiti Art Expo 2011 in Miami this December 1st


    “I have nothing in common with Blacks” one the organizers of this exhibition once said. Thus the question: What kind of art and what Haitian this expo represents? I am not Haitian but an African-American collector of Haitian art. However, on the eve of the second anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti, it is legitimate to ask what art this expo represents. In deed, the dynamic of the color line so permeates the geography of the Haitian Diaspora of Miami that one could speak of mullato and black Haitian art. The former continuing to vehicule the begin dynamics while the later attempts to articulate a politics of self-determination.

    With ties to mainstream white-Miami, Mullato art pretends to ocupy the field of Haitian art eraising thereby the most powerful and critical production of Afro-Haitians whose works express the reality of the oppressed masses. That they can claim endorsement by Michael Capponi and other white mainsteam operators in a ponzy scheme “produced by noteworthy charitable organizations benefiting Haiti”must also be unpacked.

    While Haiti Expo can claim its white “stars”, the mention of Russell Simmons endorsing it is a huge insult to Black people in the United States and worldwide. We shall deal with it in a later post. People need to go to this event event to see how Haitian mulatto strive to usurp representation of the Haitian people. Able to obtain visa from the U.S. embassy contrary to Black haitians, unable to produce any art or art discourse genuine to the masses’ inhuman experience, they come to Miami to champaign toast with their white ponzy partners begging for pittances in the name of a mass which will never see a dime of their prostitution.

    No justice, no peace! We know of Caribbean and other Black people who are doing much more important work in Haitian art in Miami. These never curb their back to these artistic White “Bernard Madoff”.

    The most relevant haitian is not to be found in this exhibition. Those interested in seeing it must make the effort to go into the neighborhoods where the Caribbean who proudly refuse to be the margin of the mainstream organize resistance art that speaks truth to power.

    Haitian artists of Miami know well that it is no longer about fighting for the definition of beauty but for the power to name it. Those in the Haitian Expo continue the dynamics of subserviency that had always characterize their politics of art. This why they left the centre d’art of Haiti to create the Foyer des arts Plastics as it was the center of expression of Blackness.

    This is Miami where Black peoples still struggle against racism and discrimination of all sorts.produced by noteworthy charitable organizations benefiting Haiti Mulatto. This exhibition is not representative of our issues in South Florida. As Black Haitian beat them at level of political representation, they are trying now to co-opt other caribbean and blacks in their diabolical politic of mis-representation of Haitian art. However, we live in Miami and know better. there are many exhibitions and books coming this week. Repeating Islands should be more aware of the Mulatto propaganda unless it is one its tools.

    “None but ourselves can free our mind”

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