Puerto Rico launches app to aid police

Have you witnessed a crime? If you are in Puerto Rico there is now an app for that, as the Caribbean Business site reports.

The Puerto Rican government on Monday launched a special cell-phone line, BastaYaPR, that will allow citizens to report tips to the police to help fight crime.

Gov. Luis Fortuño said in a press release that by calling 3432020 people will find it “easier, safer and more effective” to provide anonymous tips to authorities to combat crime, which has resulted in almost 1,000 murders so far this year.

“I know that together we can achieve a safer Puerto Rico. When each one of us takes responsibility and contributes to guaranteeing law and order, all Puerto Rico will feel a change in security,” Fortuño emphasized.

The cell-phone campaign follows those launched for regular landlines and using the Web page http://www.3432020.com via which police have received more than 47,000 tips.

“The information received via 3432020 has been indispensable in being able to identify and arrest criminals, for which we thank the courage and civic responsibility of the thousands of citizens who are contributing to safeguarding our public safety,” Fortuño said.

The application for the program will only be available on iPhones and Android cell phones.

The app makes it easy to send photos and video along with GPS coordinates. People can choose to provide their names or make an anonymous tip. The application was developed with an anti-crime group whose name translates as “Enough, already Puerto Rico.”

BastaYaPR is a nonprofit foundation created by the parents of murder victim Andres Romero Rodriguez.

For the original report go to http://www.caribbeanbusinesspr.com/news03.php?nt_id=64743&ct_id=1

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