Book Presentation: Michael Connors’ “Splendor of Cuba”

The Center for Cuban Studies and Fundación Amistad are hosting a book signing and talk with Michael Connors, author of The Splendor of Cuba: 450 Years of Architecture and Interiors (Rizzoli, October 2011) on Tuesday, November 29, 2011, at 6:30pm. The presentation will take place at the Center for Cuban Studies, located at 231 West 29th Street, Suite 401, New York.

Description: The Splendor of Cuba spans from the early 1500s to the mid 1960s and features the extraordinarily well preserved opulence of colonial Spanish Creole aristocracy, with its Mudejar craftsmanship, classically inspired grand mansions, baroque palacios, sugar plantations, and the finest examples of the island’s unique 20th century modernism movement. [See previous post New Book: “The Splendor of Cuba, 450 Years of Architecture and Interiors”.]

Michael Connors, an expert in Caribbean antiques and architecture, has over thirty years of experience in writing, consultation, and teaching in fine and decorative arts. He received a Ph.D. in Decorative Arts from New York University where he taught for fifteen years. He is a contributor to numerous publications including Art & Antiques and Antiques and Fine Art. He has written many books, including Caribbean Houses: History, Style, and Architecture (Rizzoli, 2009) and British West Indies Style: Antigua, Jamaica, Barbados and Beyond (October 2010).

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4 thoughts on “Book Presentation: Michael Connors’ “Splendor of Cuba”

  1. Im a direct descendant, of the marqueses de San Felipe y Santiago, that owned the palace in page 106, Plaza de San Francisco, Havana. Until the present government, took it away from us, the Palace was owned by my aunt Eloisa Nunez del Castillo y LLanes, direct descendant of the different members of our family that lived there. the house adjasent to it also belonged to our family. Now the palace is a hotel named Marques de San Felipe y Santiago de Bejucal. Thak you for showing it.

    1. I appreciate your comments and am researching for another book about Cuban architecture of the 20th century. Any suggestions you may have would be helpful. MC

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