Theater and Film Events around Black Resistance: “Ebène” and “Aliker”

Ebène [Ebony] will be held on November 15-19, 2011, at Théâtre Dire d’Étoile, in Boulogne-sur-Mer, Pas de Calais, France. It is a stage piece articulated in the context of the series of theatre and film events around the “Resistance to Slavery in the Creolization of the World,” which will take place November 14-23, 2011. Patrick Chamoiseau will be the guest of honor in the opening night (November 15) activities.

Besides several shows presenting Ebène, events related to “Resistance to Slavery in the Creolization of the World,” include music, debates, and screenings of the film Aliker, in movie theaters throughout Lyon.

Description of Ebène: Ebène brings to the stage a hidden part of our memory, that is, slavery through the history of those who resisted. The Amerindian woman Anacaona against Columbus, Nanny in Jamaica, the Maroons of Guyana, the revolts that led France to abolish slavery in Haiti and Guadeloupe [. . .] Napoleon, who restored it, 10 years later. The epic is told from island by island. Metwill, the Caribbean harlequin and lanky puppet, questions with a joyous and provocative verve the processes of integration, recognition, and slavery, from the past to the present. Myths, legends, percussion, song, and dance . . . and we are on our way on the great crossing: living, migrating, resisting, building. . . With storytellers/actors Françoise Barret and Yannick (Yao) Louis and musician Robert Nana.

Description of Aliker: Directed by Guy Deslauriers and based on a screenplay by Patrick Chamoiseau, Aliker is inspired by the life of André Aliker (1894-1934), a militant Communist and journalist, murdered in 1934. From the trenches of Verdun during World W I to journalism, André Aliker distinguishes himself. His beliefs and his struggles are forged by the fear he lives through as a soldier and he takes many risks in order to denounce the exploitation of black workers in 1930s Martinique. In July 1933, André Aliker is manager and editor-in-chief of the newspaper Justice. His attention turns to the Aubéry file, a case of financial fraud. The Martinique Court of Appeals having exonerated this son of a large planter family, Aliker publishes parts of the file proving Aubéry’s guilt. On January 1, 1934, he is kidnapped. His body is found twelve days later, murdered on a beach in Case-Pilote.

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For more information and reservations for Ebène, contact Eloise Coron, Théâtre Dire d’étoile, by telephone at 06 45 63 22 53 or email at

For more information and reservations for Aliker, contact “Maison des passages,” at 04 78 42 19 04 or by email at

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