Havana Film Festival Passports on Sale

Havana Film Festival (Dec. 1-11) tickets go on sale on Monday in the Cuban capital.  As in recent years a “passport” good for 15 films cost 20 regular Cuban pesos (0.80 USD).

Over a dozen cinemas will be presenting the several hundred films throughout the festival.  The festival is a favorite among Havana residents, many of whom save up their vacation time for this time of year.

The passports can be purchased at several Havana theaters: the Yara, Acapulco, Payret, Rampa, Riviera, Chaplin, 23 y 12 and Infanta Multicine as well as the Casa del Festival office on 19thbetween Paseo and 2nd St. in Vedado and several Correos de Cuba post office commercial locals.

Foreign visitors can pick up a pass allowing you to go to any film and attend special events and press conferences for 45 CUC (US $52). The price includes a festival catalogue.

The passes can be obtained in the days preceding the festival and when underway at the headquarters to be located in the Hotel Nacional.  The organizing committee requests that you bring a small 2 x 2 cm. photograph.

For more information on the festival see the official website.

For the original report and full list of films to be scheduled go to http://www.havanatimes.org/?p=55513

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