Art Exhibition: “Paradise”

Caribbean Art Project and 4 Hr Nap Collective will host “Paradise,” an art exhibition featuring painting, drawings, and sculpture by Stacey Byer, Tracey Chan, and Janetta Noel, which will be on view from November 26 to December 10, 2011, at The Gallery in Paddock (Springs-Belmont Junction—below Europa), St. George’s, Grenada. Opening night celebration will take place on November 26, from 4:30pm to 8:00pm.

Description: Stacey Byer, Tracey Chan, and Janetta Noel will share works that reflect their environment in very unique ways. They not only capture beauty, but also explore materials and processes that challenge the traditional ideas of tourist art that is usually associated with Caribbean art. As they challenge and play with aesthetic stereotypes, they uncover some secrets of paradise—the unseen, the new, the surprising, the odd, the wonderful. Illustrator and abstract expressionistic painter, Stacey Byer, shows paintings that reflect an evolved treatment of Caribbean iconology and the human figure. Tracey Chan is a multidisciplinary artist known for working on brown paper and with this she brings a contemporary addition with paper and drawing installations, rooted in the figurative and the natural. Found, organic and recycled materials like sea glass, seeds and crochet are an intrinsic part of Janetta Noel’s sculptures, jewelry and objects.

Caribbean Art Project (CAp) has previously hosted exhibitions with prolific Grenadian and international artists. Their mission involves informing, educating, documenting and exhibiting Caribbean artists, building a database, and allowing individual development and sales opportunities, as well as facilitating development in artist and collector communities.

4Hr Nap is a new art collective that visual artists Stacey Byer and Tracey Chan have created as a framework for creativity, inspiration, exhibition and education. Their mission is to contribute to local and international art communities; to create opportunities for Caribbean artists through exhibitions and events; and to collaborate with other professional artists and groups. Together, their specific talents form a fluid team with dynamic energy that offers fresh, innovative ideas.

For more information, see 4hr Nap at

You may also contact Erik Johnson or Meg Conlon at The Gallery at (473)440-2787 or via email at

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