New Book: Helen Hernández Hormilla’s “Mujeres en crisis”

Helen Hernández Hormilla’s Mujeres en crisis: Aproximaciones a lo femenino en las narradoras cubanas de los noventa (Havana: Publicaciones Acuario, Centro Félix Varela, 2011), a new study on contemporary women’s writing in Cuba was launched at the UNEAC on October 24, 2011. The book was introduced by scholar Zaida Capote Cruz, author of the book’s prologue.

Journalist Hernández Hormilla won the UNEAC’s first prize for essay for this exploration of the representation of women in female narrative of the 1990s from the perspective of gender. Divided into three chapters “Puntos de partida” [Points of Departure], “En busca de una tradición de narradoras en Cuba” [In Search of a Women Writers’Tradition in Cuba], and “Paradigmas en conflicto: Representaciones de la mujer en la narrativa femenina de los noventa” [Conflicting Paradigms: Representations of Women in Female Narrative of the 1990s], the text also reviews the main conceptual tools of gender theory and feminist literary criticism on which the analysis is grounded, as well as the history of women’s writing on the island, linking it to the socio-historical particularities of each time period.

Without avoiding disagreements or objections, Hernández Hormilla examines, with intelligence and sensitivity, works by Mirta Yáñez, Nancy Alonso, Aida Bahr, Marilyn Bobes, Laidi Fernández, Mylene Fernández Pintado, María Elena Llana, Karla Suárez, Anna Lidia Vega Serova, and Ana Lucia Portela, as the most outstanding narrative voices of the decade of the 90s.

Helen Hernández Hormilla (Kazan, 1985) is a young researcher interested in gender studies, through which she analyzes literary and artistic processes. She is the author of interviews, reportages, and essays published in magazines such as Revolución y Cultura, Bohemia, Unión, Perfiles, and La Jiribilla, where she currently works as a journalist.

For full review (in Spanish), see

For the full prologue of Mujeres en crisis, by Zaida Capote Cruz, see

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