New Book: Sinaya Wolfert’s “Curaçao Celebrations”

Curaçao Celebrations (November 2011) is a new photo book focusing on the many celebrations in Curaçao.  

Description: Curaçao is the largest of the Dutch Antilles, lying in warm sheltered waters off the coast of South America. The island is marked by many contrasts and colors, not only in terms of natural sights and its fascinating architecture, but also in terms of human interaction. Because it is such a diverse island, representing many different cultures, religions, and beliefs, it offers a rich variety of feasts, carnivals, processions, religious celebrations, and other cultural practices. Sinaya Wolfert has captured the richness, humanity, and magnificence of these events in her touching photographs.

Sinaya Wolfert (1964) is a photographer who has her roots in Curaçao. For the past few years she has tried to capture glimpses of people and their religions, rituals and traditions. She explains that she wants “to make the invisible visible by showing the power and importance of faith for mankind.” As mentioned in our previous post, Wolfert’s [background] is part Surinamese and part Yu’i Kòrsou [from Curaçao]. Her other publications include Curaçao, Religion, Rituals & Traditions and Scharloo Renaissance.

To see more work, visit the artist’s website and

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