Loreina Santos Silva to Receive the Ricardo Alegría National Prize

Another special guest at the XIV International Book Fair of Puerto Rico Gran is Loreina Santos Silva, who will receive the Ricardo Alegría National Grand Prize [Gran Premio Nacional Ricardo Alegría].

Dr. Loreina Santos Silva (born in Ciales, Puerto Rico), professor emerita of the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez, is one of the most multifaceted intellectuals in the island’s world of letters; she is a poet, short story writer, essayist, literary critic, and novelist. She is also a promoter of Puerto Rico’s culture and a tenacious advocate for the rights of women and marginalized peoples. For Santos Silva, writing is the main reason for living. She imbues her work with her soul, transforming it into pure creative energy. “Her poetry,” notes Dr. Josefina Rivera de Álvarez, “is characterized by an anguished concern about the mysteries of being, man and his destiny, loneliness, pain, death, God, and mainly, love seen with an emphasis on the erotic relationship between man and woman as a means to achieve a better understanding of existence and the world.”

Her many publications include Amor, amor una veleta (1990); Como puñales (1993); Poemas para la madre ausente (1995); Este ojo que me mira (1996); Cuentos para perturbar el alma (2000), Hijos apócrifos (2001), and La bestia (2002). Her critical work includes a wide variety of themes in Hispanic letters; she has studied Spanish authors such as Góngora, Valle Inclán, and Emilio Prados; Latin Americans such as César Vallejo; as well as Puerto Rican writers including Palés Matos, Llórens Torres, and Luis Rafael Sánchez.

For more information on the book fair, see previous post Puerto Rico’s XIV International Book Fair

For original description (in Spanish), see http://www.filpuertorico.org/invitados/loreina-santos-silva/

Photo from http://noticias.universia.pr/publicaciones/noticia/2010/09/27/504003/palabra-estallido.html

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