New Book: Cuba, The Struggle for Consumption

Cuba: The Struggle for Consumption is a new publication by Anna C. Pertierra that has been published this month October 2011 by Caribbean Studies Press.

Description: For the past 20 years in Cuba, urban life has been characterized by a shortage of material resources, a decline in living standards, and an unpredictable and changing economy. By researching everyday activities in the island’s second-largest city, Santiago de Cuba, this book presents a dynamic portrait of contemporary domestic life and consumer culture in Santiago de Cuba, which Cubans experience as “a struggle.” This accessible and engaging account, grounded in anthropological analysis, examines the interconnections of consumption, economy, socialism, and gender relations through the stories and experiences of a range of individuals.

Anna C. Pertierra is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies of the University of Queensland, Australia.

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One thought on “New Book: Cuba, The Struggle for Consumption

  1. This book explains how integrated the requirements of buying food and keeping house are with people’s behaviour and social interaction. Beautiful descriptions of the ‘subjects’ of the research allow empathy with real people. if you have been to Cuba and wonder about the real life of people (how could you not?) this will answer some questions and give clarity to your observations and experience.

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