New Book: One Frenchman, Four Revolutions; General Ferrand and the Peoples of the Caribbean

A new edition of Fernando Pico’s One Frenchman, Four Revolutions: General Ferrand and the Peoples of the Caribbean was published by Markus Wiener Publishers earlier this year (2011).

Description: This book explores the world in which the French general Marie-Louis Ferrand thrived and in which he ultimately lost his life. He can be seen as an overarching link between the four revolutions from 1775 to 1825 through which he lived. He was a pirate in the American Revolution; served as an officer in the army before and during the French Revolution; commanded the French forces in Haiti during the slave rebellion; and finally, the last revolution he witnessed was the one staged against himself and the French regime in Santo Domingo.

Fernando Picó S.J., a highly-respected Puerto Rican humanist, historian, and professor. Dr. Picó has made outstanding contributions to the rescue and documentation of Puerto Rican historical patrimony, to its literature, as well as to the work with the needy in the community, particularly to prison inmates. With a PhD in history from Johns Hopkins University, Fernando Picó has also served as professor of history at University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras for more than 30 years. Picó has published extensively; his work includes Historia general de Puerto Rico, 1898 La guerra después de la guerra, Puerto Rico: Tierra adentro y mar afuera, and children’s stories such as La peineta colorada.

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