New Book: “El tiempo de los escarabajos”

On Thursday, October 27, 2011, at 7:00pm, Librería Mágica presents the new poetry collection El tiempo de los escarabajos [The Time of the Beetles] by Ángel Antonio Ruiz Laboy. The book will be introduced by professor and poet Rafah Acevedo. Librería Mágica is located at 1013 Ponce de León Avenue in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico.

Description (by Daniel Torres, Ohio University): The beetle on the cover of this poetry book marks “the time” of the title as a poetic clock at three different moments—“migrations,” “returns,” and “reliquary”—distributed in thirty-nine poems. The precision of the minute hand, from poem to poem, also sets the quickening pace in of this “time of the beetles.” These also constitute a queer poetics, as the author has called it in his essays. This is mature poetry by a young poet, how offers us in his second book, polished and well thought out verses with echoes of Constantine P. Cavafy, César Vallejo, José Lezama Lima, Severo Sarduy, Víctor Fragoso, Alfredo Villanueva Collado, and Manuel Ramos Otero. But Ángel Antonio [Ruiz] revisits and exceeds them all through his own flesh-made-word.

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