Chupacabra-of-the-sea discovered in Cartagena

A cetacean of sorts, appearing like a long-lost relative of a dolphin or the fabled Mexican Chupacabra, washed up on the shores of Cartagena and to the dismay of onlookers died of unknown causes, Natalie Dalton writes in

Scientific authorities believe the creature is a beaked whale, an elusive mammal of the sea of which little is known, and was accidentally stranded on the exclusive beaches of Bocagrande on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

The strange animal was roughly sixteen feet long, with a small head and tusks, and wound up onshore Tuesday morning.

“It is rare that they come to the beach, because they belong in deep water, he surely strayed and arrived at the coast” explained environmentalist Juan Caraballo.

For most tourists, Cartagena is a prime-time vacation destination, so it doesn’t seem so strange that the beast was attracted to the warm waters, sandy beaches, and blazing sun, but it is unfortunate he met his untimely end.

Although fanatics are patiently awaiting autopsy reports for the official cause of death, it is obvious that the body of the beast was badly mangled due to beatings against rocks in the shallow water.

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