Martelly Highlights Improvement in Dominican Republic and Haiti Relations

At the recent Forum of Biarritz held in Santo Domingo, Haiti President Michel Martelly affirmed that relations between his country and Dominican Republic are at their best moment.

Speaking during the closing ceremony of the 12th Forum of Biarritz held in the Hotel Jaragua [in Santo Domingo] the Haitian leader said despite room for improvement, relations between the two countries that share the second biggest Caribbean island are good. He also hailed the Forum as important for bolstering Latin America-Europe ties.
Martelly, who arrived in the country Friday afternoon, listed some the measures taken in the effort to recover his country from the January 2010 quake’s catastrophic damages, and place its economy in a capacity to compete.

The Forum of Biarritz is a series of meeting organized annually since 2000 for exchanges among politicians, economists, scholars, and media representatives to discuss current issues affecting Europe and Latin America.

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