New York City Caribbean Queer Film Festival

The New York City Caribbean Queer Film Festival presents groundbreaking queer films from the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the United States. The festival takes place on October 15, 2011, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm at the Bronx Community Pride Center, located at 448 East 149th Street (between Bergen and Brook Avenues), Bronx, New York.

The films to be screened are:

Afuera Hay Aire (Dominican Republic, 2010) This documentary offers a broad and respectful look at the LGBTQ community in the Dominican Republic, and includes shorts from numerous young filmmakers whose works debuted as part of the first LGBTQ Film Festival in December 2010. It includes work by emerging filmmakers Christina Paola Then Payano, Carlos Rodríguez, Henry Mercedes Vales, and Elisabeth Ramírez, among others.

Lucha Libre (Dominican Republic, 2011) Directed by Joselina Fay and produced by Repúblika Libre, this documentary originates from the love, pain, and passion of women who live in the margins of their society. It delves into the testimonies of numerous women who recount their unique life experiences within the context of their common identities as Dominican and LBTQI individuals.

Reina de mí misma/Queen of Myself: Las Krudas d’Cuba (Cuba/USA/Puerto Rico, 2010) Directed by Celiany Rivera Velázquez, this film tells the story of a tribe of feminist Cuban rappers “transforming the world one song at a time.” It explores the feminist work of Krudas Cubensi, also known as Las Krudas, an all-women creative trio from Cuba. It narrates the impact the trio has had in the Afro-centric and underground hip hop spheres in Havana and the United States. Las Krudas first came together when they decided to form the street theater group Topazankos Cubensi in 1996 and as the hip hop group Krudas Cubensi since 1999.

Open Doors: An Experimental Documentary for Gay/Bisexual Men (USA, 2010) Directed by Charly J. Dominguez.

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