Latin America Pays Tribute to Che Guevara on anniversary of his death

The 44th anniversary of the assassination of Ernesto Che Guevara in the Bolivian town of La Higuera was commemorated throughout Latin America this past Saturday.

In Argentina, Juan Martín Guevara, Che’s brother, and Jorge Lamadrid, Cuba’s ambassador to that nation, participated in a round table discussion on the influence of Che’s ideas on the generation of the 1970’s, the Prensa Latina news agency reported.
The meeting was held at the Espacio para la Memoria Institute. Later, the film “Che, a New Man,” directed by Tristan Bauer, winner of a prize at the Montreal Film Festival in 2010, was shown on a giant open-air screen.
In Bolivia, members of the Cuban diplomatic, medical and educational missions and social workers from Cuba and Venezuela participated in a meeting to mark the historic date. Hundreds of people traveled to La Higuera to visit the historic sites related to Che’s death, among them the replica of the small school where he was assassinated. Participants in the tour visited the Señor de Malta Hospital –where the body of the Argentinean revolutionary was washed and shown to the press in 1967- and visited the grave where Tamara Bunke – the only woman among Guevara’s revolutionary group Bolivia—was initially buried.
In Ecuador, the “Eugenio Espejo” Territorial Committee of the Ecuadorian Movement Alianza del País paid tribute to Che. The tribute was part of a workshop with Cuba’s ambassador to Ecuador, Jorge Rodríguez, on Guevara’s revolutionary thought. Rodríguez reflected on the importance of studying Che’s revolutionary ideas as a basic tool to carry out the processes of change taking place in Latin America.
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