Upcoming UNEAC Conference on “Cuba: Slavery and Society”

In honor of 2011 as International Year for People of African Descent, the Department of Historical and Social Literature of the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC) is hosting the conference “Cuba: Slavery and Society” from October 19 to 21, 2011, at the UNEAC headquarters at the corner of 17th and H Street in Havana, Cuba.

Description: The study of Cuban society, which has inherited many historical events that mark our contemporaneity, cannot ignore the deep imprint left by slavery in the development process of our identity as a nation. The original depopulation that followed the bloody exploitation of indigenous peoples created a space where new arms were needed to mobilize our economy, which always had an open character. From the early centuries the country saw the forced arrival of Africans and their social insertion, mainly as slaves. The fabric of interests woven around the phenomenon of slavery inscribed guidelines for the development of Cuban nationality and formed a space of confluence of various social currents that laid the foundations for our historical development.

Themes to be discussed during this three-day conference include: the slave trade and its origins: Africa, Europe and the Americas and the distribution of slaves; slaveholding society: forms of production, political superstructure, customs, daily life, and religion; profiles of slavery in Cuba: domestic slavery, plantation slavery, slaves of all duties, slaves of the King; slaves against slavery: conspiracies, uprisings, cimarronaje and other forms of resistance; dynamics between abolitionist currents and currents against the Cuban slave trade in thought and social action; independence wars and slavery; immediate socio-cultural and economic consequences of slavery; racism and other results; and the representation of Cuban slavery in historiography, literature, and the arts.

For full information (in Spanish), see http://www.uneac.org.cu/index.php?module=eventos&act=show_details&id=213

Image from http://dcuba.net/educacion-y-sociedad/en-cuba-alto-ejecutivo-de-la-unesco-para-inauguracion-de-museo-de-la-ruta-del-esclavo/

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