Art Exhibition: “We Are Grenadians” in London

The Grenada Diaspora Youth Forum (DYF) presents “We Are Grenadians,” an art exhibition that celebrates Grenadians’ history and cultural heritage. It opens on October 9, 2011, at 3:00pm in the Gallery
on the Corner, located at 155 Battersea Park Road, London.

Description: “A show to celebrate the creativity of our wonderful island.” The beautiful Spice Isle of Grenada is a jewel in the Caribbean that has inspired many who have been fortunate to visit and experience this paradise. Perhaps the only thing that matches the beauty of this great nation is the rich history and proud heritage that Grenadians have been fortunate to inherit and share with the world. One of the most enduring expressions of Grenadian history, society, culture and heritage is through art. Art through portraits, photography, sculpture and performances has captured history, changed society and inspired a culture. This art exhibition seeks to share, educate, enlighten, entertain and celebrate what it means to be Grenadian and promote Grenadian culture.

For more information, see  or write to

Photo by Steve Huxley.

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