Teatro de la Luna: Delirio Habanero

On Tuesday, October 11, 2011, at 5pm, at CUNY’s Graduate Center, Room C-198, the cast of Cuban theatre troupe Teatro de la Luna, Linda Howe (Wake Forest University) and Ana María Hernández (La Guardia Community College) will discuss the musical Delirio Habanero /Havana Delirium by Alberto Pedro. The Troupe will be in New York to perform this piece at local theaters.

Delirio Habanero is set in 1990s Havana dur­ing the ‘Spe­cial Period in Times of Peace,’ marked by the col­lapse of the Soviet Union and Cuba’s freefall into eco­nomic, social, and moral near-chaos. Three tat­tered souls who believe they are Celia Cruz, the Queen of Salsa, Beny Moré, the King of Rhythm, and Var­illa, the famous bar­man of the Bode­guita del Medio, made famous by Hem­ing­way in the 1950s, sing, dance, and ban­ter about their lives and trou­bles to escape from the crum­bling world out­side.  Mem­o­ries and song help them to relive glo­ri­ous expe­ri­ences as they face an inevitable fate. These inter­ac­tions com­ment on polit­i­cal and racial divi­sions and frag­mented soci­eties yearn­ing for reconciliation.

Since the mid-1990s, the award-winning, inter­na­tion­ally acclaimed Teatro de la Luna has per­formed dynamic plays pre­sent­ing the iden­ti­ties, his­to­ries, mem­o­ries, and cur­rent prob­lems of Latin Amer­i­cans and their immi­grant pop­u­la­tions. The com­pany has trav­eled through­out the world, but in 2004, travel to the US was restricted. In 2010, those restric­tions were lifted, allow­ing one of the best the­ater com­pa­nies in Cuba to pre­miere the musi­cal Delirio Habanero by renowned Afro-Cuban play­wright Alberto Pedro in Winston-Salem. The Teatro de la Luna visit to the United States is sponsored by Wake Forest University and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

For detailed infor­ma­tion about the musi­cal and Teatro de la Luna, see Havana Delir­ium: Intro­duc­tion and Study Guides by Ana León Tavora and Patri­cia Swler.

To register, please send an e-mail to cubaproject@gc.cuny.edu

2 thoughts on “Teatro de la Luna: Delirio Habanero

  1. Genial!

    La acaban de presentar en UNC en Durham, NC. EL trabajo es de primera calidad. La energía que genera el reparto es sin igual. Un placer haberla visto.

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