Ballet Roto to Perform in Spain

Ballet Roto is an acclaimed dance duo from the Dominican Republic: Mercedes Morales and Victor Ramírez. Specializing in modern and classical dance, and now residing in Madrid, the company is presently performing in various venues around Spain.

Their upcoming show “El viaje” [The Journey] will be part of the ULLS 2011 Festival de Cultura Barcelona, which takes place on October 5-9, 2011. This theater/dance performance, which addresses the journey that dancers undertake, will take place at Espai Món, one of the many venues dedicated to festival events, on October 9, 2011. Espai Món is located at 20 Nou de Sant Francesc in Barcelona.

Description: The journey we undertake is not to get anywhere that is out of ourselves. We will share with the audience the privacy of the dressing room, putting them on stage, making the audience a participant in the changes in each of the game pieces. In this way, [they are witnesses to] the moments that follow the sweat and precede the moment of [the] leap into the void, to thoughts that assail us [. . .]

[Many thanks to Maira Duarte for bringing this item to our attention.]

For more on upcoming performances, you may contact the troupe directly at

For more information, see and

For more on Ballet Roto (in Spanish), see

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