Clean-up Event at the Hombre de Puerto Ferro Archeological Site in Vieques

The Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust and the Museo Fuerte Conde Mirasol, with the co-sponsorship of other local institutions and organizations, invite the public to a lecture about the Hombre de Puerto Ferro Archeological Site in Vieques, Puerto Rico, by Dominican archaeologist Luis Chanlatte Baik. The presentation will take place on Saturday, October 1, 2011, from 9:00am to 12:00 noon. Related activities will include a communal clean-up of the area. Representatives from the Police Department and Natural Resources will also explain laws that protect this site.

Description: Luis Chanlatte Baik will speak about the cultural and scientific significance of the findings at this archeological site. In 1991, Chanlatte and colleague Yvonne Narganes Storde (both from the Center for Archeological Research at the University of Puerto Rico) found the skeletal remains of a man who lived there around 4 thousand years ago, making this one of the most important sites in this part of the Caribbean. Unfortunately, due to lack of interest by the Puerto Rican government, lack of funds locally and at University of Puerto Rico, this place is abandoned, vulnerable to vandalism, and being used as an impromptu dumping ground. There is no security in the area nor is there any systematic maintenance. The Municipal Government has recently committed to help clean up the area, together with citizen brigades. Therefore, participants are encouraged please bring water, tools, plastic bags, gloves, trimmers, machetes, and any other materials needed for the clean-up event.

Luis Chanlatte Baik (Dominican Republic) is an experienced field archaeologist with long practice in many Caribbean countries including Santo Domingo, Haiti, Jamaica and Venezuela. During the past decades he has been Senior Archaeologist of the Centro de Investigaciones Arqueológicas of the University of Puerto Rico and its present Director. He is a member of the Board of Directors (Patronato Rector) of the Museo del Hombre Dominicano and among his many publications are Las espátulas vómicas sonajeras de la cultura taína (1976) with co-author Manuel García Arévalo; Investigaciones arqueológicas en Guayanilla, Puerto Rico (1976); and La nueva arqueología de Puerto Rico: Su proyeccción a las Antillas (1990) with co-author Yvonne Narganes Storde.

Directions: You will find the Archeological Site marked by a sign on Hwy 997, east of Esperanza, Vieques. About a quarter mile east of the entrance to Sun Bay (Sombé), take the dirt road on your left (heading inland). Drive for about two minutes until you find the burial site of the Native American body known as the Hombre de Puerto Ferro. Big boulders identify a grave where the 4000-year-old skeleton (now on exhibit at the Museo Fuerte Conde Mirasol) was exhumed.

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