Film: Christian Lara’s “Héritage Perdue”

Cinema Libre Studio’s Ana Pineda has just announced that Guadeloupean filmmaker Christian Lara’s 2010 film Héritage Perdue [Lost Heritage] is about to be released on DVD (September 2011). Lost Heritage “continues the filmmaker’s exploration of identity, culture and race.” The DVD will also include an introduction by Ayuko Babu, director of the Pan African Film Festival, and the informative featurette “The Films of Christian Lara.”

Description: Lost Heritage tells the tale of Pierre Mombin (Luc Saint Eloy) who travels to a remote African kingdom to claim an inheritance. He discovers, through the prophecy of the former king’s preserved skull, that he is the last male descendant of the royal family. As he learns more about his lineage from the trickster witch doctor, it becomes clear there is a darker side to the prophecy that foretold his return. Meanwhile, in an attempt to secure peace between the northern and southern kingdoms, the northern king arranges a marriage between the princess and Mombin, but she has other plans. Will Mombin accept his heritage and the marriage proposal?

Christian Lara—born in Point-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe—is known as the “Father of West Indian Cinema.” Formerly a journalist (based in France) he has directed over twenty films since 1971, including Tout est encore possible (2011), Héritage Perdue (2010), 1802: Épopée Guadeloupéenne (2004), Sucre Amer (1998), and Une Sacrée chabine (1993). His forthcoming full-length feature film, Incredible Laxmi, which will be shot inIndia early next year, will focus on the age-old ties between India and Guadeloupe.

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