Film Screening: “Inward Hunger, The Story of Eric Williams”

On Republic Day in Trinidad and Tobago, September 24, 2011, at 3:00pm, GISL Channel 4 will air Mariel Brown’s 3-part documentary, Inward Hunger: The Story of Eric Williams (2011, Savant, Ltd). The film has been described as the exploration of the “compelling and contradictory life of an iconic Caribbean leader.” Holly Bynoe writes, “Hero and anti-hero, nemesis and father-figure, Eric Williams means different things to different people. Over more than 25 years as political leader, he came to symbolize both the hopes and disappointments of many West Indians. Yet in many ways Williams was an enigma–a public figure who remained virtually unknown; an intensely private man.”

Description: Inward Hunger: The Story of Eric Williams is a comprehensive and groundbreaking documentary series that takes us into the life of Eric Williams from his family and upbringing, to his experiences as a top student in the British colonial education system. We follow his career as a professor at Howard University and as an international civil servant with the Caribbean Commission–revealing the ambitions and conflicts that drove him into politics. We assess Williams’ role in the rise and fall of West Indian Federation; feel the charisma and leadership that inspired a national movement, and the accomplishments and challenges of holding political office.

After Independence, we see how Williams dealt with challenges from the wider society, like the Black Power Movement of 1970, and rumblings within the People’s National Movement, the party he helped create. We track the wealth, development and corruption of the oil-boom years, followed by Williams’ increasing withdrawal, private illness and disturbing death.

This historic documentary series takes an unflinching look at Williams’ strengths and weaknesses, his dramatic showdowns and political mood swings. It also shows a perhaps unexpected side of Williams: as a man of great humour, devoted friendships, intense loves and private heartbreak–a man of loneliness and longing, a fellow human being.

Inward Hunger: The Story of Eric Williams includes rare archival footage, as well as interviews with his daughter, Erica Williams-Connell and other family members, Williams’ former political colleagues such as Kamaluddin Mohammed and Ferdie Ferreira, and scholars such as Selwyn Ryan, Colin Palmer, Brinsley Samaroo, and others.

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