The Dominican Republic to Host Meeting of African and Caribbean Filmmakers

The 2nd Meeting of African and Caribbean Filmmakers and their Diasporas will be held in the Dominican Republic in 2012, following an agreement by participants in the first edition of the event, which wound up on Friday in Havana.

With help from the Office of the Caribbean Cinema Traveling Exhibition, which hosted the meeting in Havana, organizers plan a series of films from Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean as well as their Diasporas, which will tour the country.

Filmmakers, academicians and specialists from some 30 nations signed the document of agreement reached at the meeting after a week of debates on topics regarding the conditions of the seventh art in the areas under discussion and the possibilities of expanding the promotion of their cinemas.

Among the signatories to the declaration there are renowned figures in international filmmaking like US actor Danny Glover, African filmmaker Souleymane Cisse, and Zozimo Bulbul, director of the Film Noir Festival of Brazil.

Filmmakers and producers are asking for the support of their governments to articulate cultural policies favoring national cinematographic industries in terms of the production, distribution and screening of movies.

Likewise, they called to build modalities of inter-regional cooperation for training filmmakers from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and their Diasporas.

They also underlined the need to develop mechanisms of co-production between the countries involved.

The struggle against racial discrimination and social exclusion were also among the main topics under debate, a reason for which filmmakers decided to convene the celebration of the International Meeting “Sciences and Art against Racism.” (ACN)
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