Art Exhibition: “Mascarades et Carnavals”

Musée Dapper presents “Mascarades et Carnavals,” an exhibit that will run from October 5, 2011, until July 15, 2012. Organized in 2011, Year of the Overseas Territories, this event seeks to reveal resonances and interconnections of the roles assigned to traditional masks of sub-Saharan Africa and carnival practices in the Caribbean. Musée Dapper is located at 35 bis, Paul Valéry Street in Paris, France.

Description: The connections are illustrated by rare pieces—many masks belong to various African-based cultures are presented along with their costumes of fibers and/or feathers—while many pieces that attest to the creativity of carnival arts draw from popular culture. Two artists—photographer Zak Ové and visual artist Hervé Beuze—devote special attention to the staging processes of carnivals. Documents, photographs, and videos illustrate key moments, experienced as “ritual” by various groups on the many occasions marked by mask and carnival production. 

Throughout the exhibition dates there will be lectures, discussions, debates, and film screenings to further reflect on this comparative exploration.

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