Two Haitian books receive awards at the «6th Afro-Caribbean Arts Awards»

Monday evening, at the award ceremony for the 6th Afro-Caribbean Arts Awards, which celebrate the accomplishments of writers and artists from France’s overseas territories and French-speaking Africa, Frédéric Mitterrand, French Minister of Culture, presented awards to two Haitian books: Louis-Philippe Dalembert and Lyonel Trouillot’s “Haiti, une traversée littéraire” and Marvin Victor’s novel “Corps mêlés.”
“Haïti, une traversée littéraire”
 is a literary anthology that proposes a voyage of discovery of Haiti through literature. With texts selected by Dalembert and Trouillot, in introduces texts by the likes of Marie Vieux-Chauvet, Jean-Price Mars and Jacques Roumain. The book is complemented by an audio CD of sound archives. Proceeds from its sales will be donated for the reconstruction of the National Library of Haiti, in partnership with the NGO “Libraries without borders.”
“Corps mêlés” is the first novel by Haitian writer Marvin Victor—a violent and chaotic monologue from Ursula, a desperate woman walking through the streets of a Haiti filled with ghosts after the 2010 earthquake. At 45, Ursula has become a shadow who drinks too much to be able to go on telling her story, as if the words could stop the chaos. Written like a long tragic poem that inhabits both present and past, the novel moves between the beauty of the countryside and the devastation of the devastated city. Victor chose fiction as an oblique approach to the earthquake, offering the metaphor of Ursula—lost, stunned, and broken, but still standing—as the embodiment of the destroyed city.

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