Cuba: Alberto Korda’s Unpublished Archives to Be Exhibited

The daughter and executor of late renowned photographer Korda, Diana, said during the opening of the exhibition “Bembe” last night in Havana that his archives contain between 90 and 120 thousand unpublished negatives.

The exhibition marks the tenth anniversary of the passing away of Korda, whose real name was Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez, and is a photo essay on Afro-Cuban liturgical rites first published in 1960.

Diana said that this exhibition shows a part of her father’s work that is not well known by the public and announced she is working on cataloguing the negatives she possesses to later release them.

Korda became an icon in the photography world thanks to the Cuban-Argentinean Ernesto Che Guevara´s snap taken at the burial of the victims of the sabotage of the La Coubre steamer in Havana March 4, 1960.

He also became an exceptional witness of the events surrounding the Cuban Revolution, its first years after the overthrowing of the Batista dictatorship, as well as the Havana’s fashion world at that time.

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