Wyclef Jean Reappointed as Goodwill Ambassador of Haiti

On Thursday, by presidential decree and published in the Official Journal of the Executive, Le Moniteur, dated September 2, 2011, the Head of State, His Excellency Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly, conducted four appointments of citizens to administrative and ambassador posts, Hérold Israël reports.

Among those appointments was musician Wyclef Jean who will return for a second term as the Goodwill Ambassador of the Republic. Earlier this summer Jean also was appointed Grand Office by the President.

The four appointments are as follows:

• Wyclef Jean, Goodwill Ambassador of the Republic of Haiti
• Yves Germain, CEO of the National Center Equipment (CNE)
• Jean Marc Flambert, CEO of the National Office of Civil Aviation (OFNAC)
• Jean Marie Guillaume, Managing Director of the National Council of Telecommunications (CONATEL).

For the original report go to http://defend.ht/entertainment/articles/music/1655-wyclef-jean-reappointed-as-goodwill-ambassador-of-haiti

4 thoughts on “Wyclef Jean Reappointed as Goodwill Ambassador of Haiti

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