Young Aruban to Compete in World Solar Challenge 2011

Twenty-five year-old future engineer, Javier St. Jago, is a model for Aruban youth. Javier is a student at the prestigious TU Delft University where he is studying engineering. He is one of the members of the team of NUNA 6, and one of the three drivers who will sit in the NUNA6 to compete in the World Solar Challenge 2011 to be held in Australia on October 16.

For years, Javier has been keenly interested in the Nuon project and is currently a member of the team working on improving NUNA 5. Every member of the team has a specific role, from the design of the vehicle to material used, up to the moment that the vehicle is placed on the road for the World Solar Challenge. Javier’s vehicle is specified to “power electronics.” He must ensure that the system sends solar energy directly to the engine and in the most efficient manner possible. He is also one of the three members who will sit behind the wheel for the race which will take place from Darwin to Stuart Highway to Adelaide. This is a distance of 3000 km, which is 100 times the size of Aruba!

Javier remarked, “We are practically ready after working intensively for one year, often working entire days and nights.”

The vehicle that they designed is equal to NUNA 5 except for the maximum speed. NUNA 6 is 2m wide and somewhat longer than 4 meters. It has 6m2 of solar cells with which it can capture 1200 kilowatt hours of energy per day. They can store 5 kilowatt hours on a lithium battery which can be used during night hours.

The competition is scheduled to begin October 16 at Darwin. Their goal will be to get as far as possible by 5 pm when will raise a tent for their night abode. The next day at 8 am they will continue their travels.

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