Cuba Announces the Development of a Vaccine against Lung Cancer

Cuba announced today that it has developed the first vaccine against lung cancer, one of the most common in the world and with highest incidence among smokers.

According to, successful clinical tests have proven the efficiency of the vaccine, which will be marketed on the island under the Cimavax-EGF brand, thanks to the patient work of researchers from the Molecular Immunology Center in Havana whom are already assessing the use of the same basic medicine in the treatment of other types of cancer.

According to the weekly Trabajadores, Gisela Gonzalez, head of the project, said the medication cannot prevent the disease, but it considerably improves the state of the patients, offer the possibility of turning advanced cancer into a controllable chronic disease while generating antibodies against the unleashing of uncontrolled proteins in the cell proliferation processes.

WHO has stressed that lung cancer responsible for high rates of cancer mortality around the world, with over 1 million deaths each year.

Among those that are mostly affected by lung cancer are people over 50 years of age with a history of cigarette smoking. 600,000 people die from passive smoking each year.

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