Bermudian music videographer scores another online hit

A new video by Bermudian Milton Raposo is gaining prominence in the music scene, Jessie Moniz writes in The Royal  Gazette.

‘Hen & Remi’ is the second music video he directed for British hip hop music producer and songwriter, Dominic (The Love Theme) Owen.

The single can be heard on Mr Owen’s album, ‘How Rude’.

The album is linked to Bermuda-based record label Permanent Damage.

Mr Raposo first collaborated with Mr Owen on the music video for his song ‘Boogaloo’, in 2010.

‘Boogaloo’ has received more than 47,400 hits on YouTube.

This new video was shot over a few evenings earlier this year.

Like ‘Boogaloo’, its premise is “navigating love in the modern world” and involves the same characters from that video Pedro the Nun, Handsome Man, and Bongo the Gorilla.

They battle on the dance floor for the affections of The Fly and her friends only to have their prey slip away from them. The video features such Bermuda backdrops as Front Street, A S Cooper & Sons Ltd and Moon Nightclub, where the battle takes place.

The song ‘Hen & Remi’ was released in July and has so far attracted more than over 21,000 views on YouTube.

It was picked up by Canadian music network bpm:TV and featured on their ‘The Underground’ programme, which showcases new dance music videos by new artists. The single is available through Beatport, Juno, Amazon and iTunes.

Mr Raposo said: “Once again, hilarity ensued pretty much throughout the entire shoot and, once again, the entire cast were real troupers having to endure the bewildered stares along Front Street. Personally, I wouldn’t have done it.”

Mr Owen is a veteran of the music industry and has worked with top music artists such as Lil Kim, Notorious B I G, Inspiral Carpets and Black Grape. He wrote and produced ‘Things Done Changed’ on Notorious B I G’s debut album ‘Ready To Die’. He was recently awarded a gold disc for working on Lil Kim’s album ‘Hard Core’.

Mr Raposo is currently producing and directing ‘FABRIC: History of the Portuguese in Bermuda’.

‘Hen & Remi’ can be seen here:

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