Cayman Islands Museum seeking more volunteers

The Cayman Islands National Museum has a great solution to help build awareness of the nation’s history and culture. They are seeking volunteers who will assist at the museum, and they are interested in anyone who likes history and would like to contribute by promoting Caymanian history and culture.

The museum will take as many volunteers as they can schedule; the volunteers can decide which areas they would like to assist with and what their hours are.

Doss J. Solomon, manager of operations at the museum, said, “As a nonprofit entity we are very dependent on volunteers and donations. Both allow the museum to become less dependent on public funding, but by having volunteers it allows you to diversify and promote user involvement.”

Though the museum is grateful to have many older volunteers, he said they would like to get younger people involved as well.

For more information about becoming a docent or volunteer, or about donating, contact the National Museum at 949-8368 or

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