Cheers! Rihanna’s new documentary style video gives fans a glimpse into her natural habitat

In order to gives fans an insight into what goes on in her world, Rihanna has chosen a documentary style video for her new song Cheers (Drink To That), Iona Kirby reports in London’s Daily Mail.

The footage shows her dressing up, drinking and hanging out with friends.

She is filmed in her car, swimming, relaxing backstage and performing in concert.

Some of the video was shot while the 23-year-old singer was on holiday in her native Barbados earlier this year.

There is a cameo appearance from Avril Lavigne, who is seen raising her glass to the camera before skateboarding along the edge of a swimming pool and falling in fully clothed.

Cheers (Drink To That) features snippets from Avril’s song I’m With You.

The video’s various scenarios paint a picture of Rihanna’s life both on and offstage, but centre around the superstar and her friends celebrating and drinking together.

She is also seen flying on a private jet, avoiding paparazzi, and at one point dressing up in a full glittery carnival outfit.

The song is the seventh to be released from Rihanna’s number one album Loud.

And the singer seems to have been practising what she preaches recently.

She is currently on a one month holiday in between the U.S. and European legs of her tour.

This week she has been photographed in St. Tropez, enjoying some watersports in between relaxing on deck of her chartered yacht while sipping on white wine.

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