Cuban Radio: the Magic that Strengthens the Spirit of a Nation

Conrado Vives Anias writes about Cuba’s celebration of the establishment of its first radio station 89 years ago.

Radio is passion, dedication, magic and fantasy. For those who spend a good deal of their lives working for it, time passes rapidly among voices, music, sound effects and silence.

Talent and creativity is limitless in this pursuit where everyone focuses on one goal: news anchors, sound engineers, directors, reporters, actors and actresses …, a string of men and women who have a “crush” on the airwaves.
And in this context, the professionals who work in the radio business in Camagüey celebrate today the 89th anniversary of the setting out of this important media outlet in Cuba, a credit attributed to an illustrious musician and patriot born in this province, Luis Casas Romero, who opened the 2LC, first radio station of this Caribbean nation.
The historical date brought together all the workers of Radio Cadena Agramonte, which is the flagship radio station of the provincial broadcasting network in Cuba’s largest province, to celebrate, socialize and reaffirm the principles that enhance the worth of the Revolution.
The commemoration includes the broadcasting of programs with high listening figures aired from communities that have stood out in different social and economic fields.
The combination of generations, youth and veterans, many of them who have been working on this sector for 30 years or more, also contributed to find out experiences and forms in a bid to improve the programming.
The crowning moment of this celebration will be this evening, when three distinguished professional journalist Rosa Maria Moros Fernández and Pedro Paneque Ruiz along with news anchor Gróber Mármol Quintana, will be awarded the Microphone of the Radio, for so many days and nights devoted to the difficult profession of being a communicator.
This is the way radio is, a legitimate product of and for the people from which it emerged on a day like today (August, 22nd), a mdia which is always willing to share, entertain, provide information, educate and convene. It is and will always be the undying companion that is waiting for us any time of the day, no matter the circumstances.
Simply, radio means happiness, commitment, an ideological weapon to fight, a vehicle that strengthens the spirit of the Cuban nation. (Translated by Gualveris Rosales Sanchez).

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