Vida Azul / Ocean Conservancy to Clean Up Dominican Coasts

The Vida Azul [Blue Life] foundation, Ocean Conservancy’s representative in the Dominican Republic, have announced a massive coastal cleanup on September 17 along an estimated 50 kilometers of shoreline.

The initiative, held for the fourth consecutive year in the country, expects 20,000 volunteers will join the cause to cleanup entire national coasts, rivers and gorges, as part of an annual operation which has become the country’s most important voluntary environmental activity.

Ocean Conservancy, which organizes the effort at the global level, has been for more than 26 years carrying out the cleanup operation in international coasts, to mark International Coastal Cleaning Day. Other NGOs leaders in sustainable environmental management also massively support the effort, through the preservation of water resources.

In a press conference, Vida Azul Foundation president Jose Ureña said he is very satisfied with the response to their effort in creating awareness on the problem of trash along the coasts is a topic of education and the work to promote a culture of zero tolerance in the rivers and beaches must continue. “We have high expectations with this effort. We want not only to increase the number of volunteers, or collect higher amounts of trash and waste, but to instill in the population a culture of protection for our coasts.”

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