Vieques’ Fort Conde de Mirasol Museum Celebrates 20 Years

The Fort Count Mirasol Museum [Museo Fuerte Conde de Mirasol] in Vieques, Puerto Rico, celebrates its 20th anniversary on September 3-4, 2011. The concert “Canción para Vieques” will be held on Saturday, September 3, beginning at 7:00pm, with the participation of leading performers, including Tito Auger, Roy Brown, and Zoraida Santiago.

On Sunday, there will be a round table entitled “Música y la lucha por la justicia y la paz de Vieques” [Mucis and the Struggle for Justice and Peace in Vieques]. On both days there will be the Books, Arts, and Crafts Fair, featuring artisans from the islands (Puerto Rico and Vieques).

Fort Count Mirasol Museum: This 19th century Spanish fortification was built between 1845 y 1855, for the military defense of the island against attacks by Danish and English privateers and pirates that roamed the area. The Fort houses a museum dedicated to illustrate various aspects of the history of Vieques and Puerto Rico, through objects and archeological and historical documents. It also presents temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists. Restored by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture in 1991, the museum houses the Vieques Historic Archives and coordinates academic research, students, and other group visits.

The exhibits includes archaeological material from Vieques and the main island of Puerto Rico; historical information on Taíno culture, the sugar industry, slavery, U.S. military presence on the island between 1940 and 2003, and Vieques struggle for justice and peace that ended bombing practices there on May 1, 2003.

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