Discoveries on 5000 Year Old Settlement along the Berbice River in Guyana

Guyanese archaeologist George Simon and a team of scientists are on the verge of revealing to the public key discoveries on human settlements that  may have existed in the Berbice area as long as 5000 years ago.

The team has been working in the Berbice River community of Dubulay and will this weekend hold a public forum at the Umana Yana to unveil their findings. The team of 12 had been working at Dubulay for a three-week period on the project which is called the Berbice Archaeology Project.

George Simon is an artist and archaeologist with deep concerns for the environment and the indigenous population of Guyana. He states, “My work is now concentrated on drawing attention to the indigenous people and how they have lived with the environment in mind. I hope this will lead to a general acceptance that man is related to the environment; that the environment is not just bland, but is full of life and has deep meaning.”

For more on George Simon, see and

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