Puerto Rico HD Hits The iPad

A classic board game that has won numerous awards, is now available on the iPad, Mike Lata reports for appadvice.com

Puerto Rico HD is a board game set in the times of colonial Spain and puts you in the role of a governor in charge of one of the islands of the Spanish colony; Puerto Rico. The game looks to replicate the success that many board games have had on the iPad with offerings such as Cargo Runners or Catan HD.

The game’s goal is the total domination of opponents on the playing field. You will have to build up your colony through the use of gold, planting crops, and various other economic decisions. There is even online multiplayer available through Game Center. Here is the complete list of Puerto Rico HD’s features (via the app description):

  • Beautiful HD graphics include new building designs and animated, in-game cut scenes.
  • Compete against up to four other players, and mix and match between the computer, your friends (pass and play and local connectivity), or other players online through the Game Center.
  • Specially designed tutorial and in-game Help feature for those new to the game (or anyone who might want a brief brush-up on the rules).
  • Automatic resource distribution: no more fumbling with tiny board pieces.
  • No set up of the game required! Press “Play” and get started. And best of all, no tidying up after a match.

The game also provides an interactive tutorial for beginners, so don’t feel left out and give it a try.

Puerto Rico HD is currently available for the iPad at a price of $7.99.

For the original announcement go to http://appadvice.com/appnn/2011/08/puerto-rico-hd-hits-the-ipad

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