New Film: Heixan Robles’ “Dream of Vermilion”

Heixan Robles’ new short film, Dream of Vermilion, was very well received at its screening at Cinefiesta: Puerto Rico’s International Festival of Short Films; with co-director Daniel Farmer, Robles won the national award for foreign film [Premio Nacional Extranjero]. Dream of Vermilion is based on a short story by Robert García Cooper.

Description: Child is a history teacher that leads a double life in a dystopian future. Inspired by the memory of his sons, Child—along with friends Brazil, Tempest, Seer, and Baldir—conspires against the power of the new incorporated government. Whereas education is the weapon of preference of Child, the rebel group is faced with an unexpected obstacle and a death foretold in an extravagant dream.

The cast includes Julio Ramos, Joa Tous, Jimmy Navarro, Gil René, Jose Domingo Santos Ferrer, and the short story writer himself, Robert García Cooper.

[Many thanks to David Labiosa for bringing this item to our attention.]

For an interview of the director with Eduardo Rosado, see

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